Friday, May 27, 2011

Wood in Different Forms

Pencil and Architecture 

Interior design and pencil drawings.  What a perfect day of an exploration of art.  

My first stop was the central museum in Utrecht, Netherlands, where a brilliant man named Robbie Cornelissen showed his magnificent pencil work.  I have not showed any of you my artwork -which I should- but he has done exactly what I have always loved to do.  Pencil, charcoal, black and white, pen, etc is my love.  And he captures this work amazingly.  As someone who has worked with pencil, he is UNBELIEVABLE!  To see the lines he creates and the consistency he provides throughout his work is inspirational.  Not only is he consistent, his pieces are massive!  What an artist!

I love that his work also had something to do with interiors.  How funny. 

My next stop was to Rietveld's Shroder house!  Which I was lucky enough to take a tour through.  It was amazing.  

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