Friday, May 6, 2011

Hey People!

Just so you know, I am coming into the last 3 weeks of school in Amsterdam!  So, I will not be posting much, because I am swamped with school work and I am going to Croatia next weekend.  I was in Paris this past weekend and it was amazing.  I ate the best food, saw amazing sights, met wonderful people, and saw inspirational art!  I am going to San Diego on June 2nd, where I will be seeing as many people as possible within 5 days and then I am back to Chico! 

I have been sketching out ideas for some new art and I cannot wait to get back to my Chico studio to paint.  I am hoping to finish a collection this summer and feature it around Chico.  I will keep you updated on that. 

As for now, here are a few memories from my Paris trip and I will try not to be a stranger during this next month of mayhem!  Love you all!  XoXo

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