Saturday, April 2, 2011


Since when is a size 27 large?!  I will be upfront, yes, that is my size, and no I am not ashamed.  However, I just put on a pair of shorts of mine that are, lets say, snug.  I have not gained weight, on the contrary I may have lost a few lbs since being across the Atlantic, however when I look inside the shorts I see a big L.  Let me repeat, since when does a size 27 deserve a "L"??  Obviously, it does not matter weather it say L, M, or Z, but I am worried that it gives women a misconception on what "skinny" or "beautiful" is (since these days those words seem to be synonymous).  When you look back at the most well known sex symbols, none of them were a size 0 and all of them are beautiful and still known as the sexiest women of all time.  Lets get back to reality people. 

Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Liz Taylor, and Sophia Loren 

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  1. It's the culture fad, but fads change. After coming back from Brazil I had a newfound appreciation for curvier women. Besides.. it doesn't help when you surround yourslef by People mag and TMZ cause that's the culture that prolongs this ideal.