Sunday, April 17, 2011

ATTN: All Vegan and Vegetarian Amsterdamers!

Found an adorable hole in the wall this evening.  Located on Prinsengracht, my favorite street in Amsterdam, amongst all the creative art galleries, is a wonderful little restaurant called De Bolhoed.  The lovely cafe is a colorfully designed spot that only serves vegetarian and vegan food.  
 They are usually packed to the wall, so it is wise to make a reservation, but if you can squeeze yourself in, they have a great menu, a vegan special of the day and a pasta of the day.  Two lovely girls were working and were crazy busy!  They were having to turn away customers because there was no room.  Everything is homemade and they have an incredible dessert selection.
  It is a must go-to restaurant if you are in Amsterdam and wanting something healthy.  Oh, I forgot to mention they also have fresh squeezed juices!  I am in love.  Find out a little more HERE.
Forest Berry Vegan Cheesecake.  Amazing.

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