Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ok I am officially AWFUL!

I suck at blogging. It doesn't help though that I am across the world in Amsterdam, without a sewing machine! I have been dying wanting to make some clothes. It also doesn't help that I haven't posted any of the latest (from when I was in California) frocks I have created...I really need to get on it.

So I have decided while I am here, instead of showing pieces I have created, I will show you the inspiration I have been collecting so when I get home I can pull out the sewing machine. I have collected a lot of ideas and am LOVING the DIY projects seen on all the runways. It makes me want to go home and make shoes, dresses, purses, hair-pieces, and everything else under the fashion sun.

So from now on, here are some of my inspiration pieces. Sorry people.

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